In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.

Jeanette Winterson

Mundane coincidences in real life

I collected these eight links in under 30 minutes!

How did I collect these links? I used Wisdom of reddit! Wisdom of reddit helps you discover real life experiences of ordinary people. We search through comments on the Internet written by ordinary people. Our search results focus on what is interesting and not what is necessarily relevant. Take a look at the 'Related searches' section of this post to learn how you can harness the power of Wisdom of reddit.

Serendipitous stumbling

Here are some interesting stories I stumbled upon. I read about a letter dropped in a crowded place is miraculously picked up by the intended receiver. The story of a person losing their license at the security line of an airport and then locating it more than a year later at the exact same line caught my attention. And the whimsical story of someone flicking on a switch at the exact moment the power came back was exactly the kind of mundane, but interesting moment I was looking for. I loved the story of a homeless man giving someone a $50 bill and a note. I read about the weird experience of a paramedic firefighter, the recurrent dreams that meant something and the premonitions of death that several people experienced. It was a lot of fun and I came away with plenty of ideas.

But my favorite story ...

But my favorite story happened to be one that had no connection to my initial quest. I happened to search for "funny coincidence" and the very first search result was about a person not having cash to pay for a meal they had already consumed. The story itself was not all that great, but the parent thread posed a very interesting question: "Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and then realized you were unable to pay for it?". Not only does the question get you started, the top comment on that thread is a fantastic story. The top comment is about the good will that the Dutch harbor towards Canada and how it helped a Canadian who was short of money.

And this is how I spent an interesting evening reading through hundreds of real life stories about coincidences. I hope you experience a similar adventure with Wisdom of reddit.

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Pro tip: Anytime I read a comment, I made sure to look at the parent thread too

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