We make up horrors to help us cope with real ones.

Stephen King

Real people & their creepy, scary and paranormal experiences

I collected these sixteen links in under 30 minutes!

How did I collect these links? I used Wisdom of reddit! Wisdom of reddit helps you discover real life experiences of ordinary people. We search through comments on the Internet written by ordinary people. Our search results focus on what is interesting and not what is necessarily relevant.

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To look for scary experiences that real people experienced, I started with the search term Scariest story. The results were interesting. I learnt about a young child's horror at witnessing her angry father slam a hot pot of coffee onto her mother. I read about a documentarian investigating vampires in Transylvania and his interview with a gandmotherly lady who claimed to have driven a stake through the heart of a corpse. I read about the terror of a father waiting anxiously as the doctors tried to revive his new born daughter. I discovered a story about a psychotic neighbor trying to kill his parents with a butcher knife. I stumbled upon a hilarious story of a moose staring down a car ... and winning. And the truly terrifying story of a person on a prison tour.

Pro tip: Anytime I read a comment, I made sure to look at the parent thread too

But that was not what I was looking for!!

Scary as these were, they were not the kind of stories I was looking for. I wanted something bordering on the paranormal. That's the thing with our search results - they produce interesting tangents. While Google is looking to answer your queries accurately, I think writers will appreciate that Wisdom of reddit tries to locate interesting and tangentially related results. A key component of effective searches on Wisdom of reddit, is to use the language the of reddit. I noticed that some of the threads I was reading used the phrase 'glitch in the matrix', which I guess is reddit/online speak for spooky occurrences. So I got back to Wisdom of reddit and tried the search term "glitch in the matrix" stories. I hit a gold mine! You can visit the search link and read through the stories yourself. My favorite was the one about a guy being saved by a missed call from a lady who used to appear in his dreams. The lady turned out to be real and her Facebook photo looked like the person in the guy's dream!

This is how I spent an interesting evening reading through hundreds of real life stories about creepy, scary and paranormal experiences. Hope you experience a similar adventure with Wisdom of reddit.

Bonus: By looking at the subreddits in the search results, I discovered that the subreddits /r/creepy, /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix and /r/nosleep were excellent sources for spooky stories.

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